Mee Hoon Kueh

A friend brought me to Yi Bao for lunch, just across the street from Plaza Pelangi. "We always come here' she said before instructing the waitress to bring us the 'usual'.  'Tambah' everything she added. The restaurant was packed with a lunchtime crowd all eating the same thing, always a good sign.

A huge bowl of torn hand made noodle or Mee Hoon Kueh arrived which was immediately visually arresting. The dark green sayur manis, pale pink just cooked pork slices and meatballs, and right in the center the dark brown crisp fried ikan bilis. The flavors were clean but precise- every ingredient that you could see, you could also taste and the contrast of textures from soft noodle to gummy meatball to fibrous vegetable to crispy anchovy was masterful. Then I unearthed yet another ingredient, tucked under, a poached egg. 'Try the chilli' my friend said, 'its good'. It was indeed -the fresh kind with visible pieces of chilli.

I was back again here the following week to have another bowl that was equally flawless. Consistency is another plus to this restaurants strengths. Hooked.