Fried Oyster

This is the fried oyster guy at the Tebrau Hawker market. The sign says 'since 1980'- which I thought was a good recommendation for someone cooking seafood in these parts. He's now a regular for me when I go there- I've since discovered he's one of the first hawkers at that market. 

Duck Rice

Dinner last week at People's Park- duck and crispy pork over rice. I actually had my sights fixed on a stall I had seen upstairs the last time I was here, but when I go there it was closed. I had by then become pretty fixated on the idea of duck rice so wandered around and found this other stall- with a line waiting to get food- a good sign. It was in fact really good, loved the dark treacly sauce and the soup was good with a notable woody spice flavor. Excellent glass of sugar cane to wash it down

Breakfast at People's Park

Staying over 2 nights in Singapore in Chinatown- I had breakfast at the People's Plaza food market 2 days in a row. Day 1 - sliced fish soup with hand made noodles. The noodles were dissapointing but the fish was excellent.  Day 2 - egg noodles and flat vermicelli fried with oysters and bean sprouts. This is a variation of the local Kuay teow which usually has blood clams or blood cockle- which I think I prefer.