The Appom is one of the greatest breakfast foods invented, ever. It ranks up there with croissants. Just as you would tear off a piece to dip in a bowl of coffee, in a Parisian Cafe, the same applies for the Appom except you dip into a bowl of sweetened coconut milk. The difference would be you would make sure you tore off a piece that had both the starchy center and the crispy wafer like sides to enjoy that double sensory punch.
It is made of a fermented rice batter and cooked in a small wok shaped pan hence the bowl shape. It's a South Indian food, found in local Tamil restaurants and  sadly, harder to find these days.
I particularly enjoyed people watching where I had mine the other day in Kuala Lumpur where my fellow diners were an interesting bunch. Two young men of similar age in particular spoke volumes of  how things often are here, one was in a green costume replete with skirt and barefoot, presumably straight from a ceremony at a close by temple, the other with a faux hawk, hipster jeans, the latest sneakers and talking on his cellphone.