Fried Salad

Well, that is technically what Indian Rojak is. You choose from this array of deep fried things that call your name as you walk past - I responded and chose battered shrimp from top left, whole potoato fried in turmeric bottom right and a sausage type thing from top right . The lady at the back cuts up all the fried stuff and adds some freshly chopped cucumber and raw onion (that's the salad part) and you are handed a thick red sweet chilli sauce with peanuts in it to drench everything in. Do you see a big vat of oil with things being fried- no that's done at home earlier- what you see and hear is the lady cutting up raw vegetables. It's genius because the salad part yins the fried yang and it's de-li-cious. Consumed without guilt at Tekka market in Singapore.

Duck Rice Redux

I finally got to eat the roast duck rice at people's Park Plaza that I wanted to , it was great. I also had the chance to look at some of the prep work  of turning the air dried ducks and then hooking them up to be placed in the roasting oven which surprisingly was not a cabinet oven but what looked like a  stainless steel tandoori oven -it's under the hood in the back left.